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Our company is equipped with a range of industrial heavy duty sewing machines; hence you can take an advantage of our sewing service as well. We are using both single needle and double needle walking foot machines, which are perfect for sewing leather as well as other thick materials. They also work with other upholstery materials like Alcantara, Leather Suede, Faux Suede, Vinyl materials etc. Additionally, we have got in stock a wide variety of stitching colours and thicknesses for almost every project.
If you require your parts to be sewn together after cutting or embroidering, please provide us with your requirements and sewing instructions. Our dedicated team will then process your order as efficiently as possible, exactly to your specification.
Your panels can arrive with ready sewn in zips, lining, piping, added press studs, eyelets etc.
With quality in mind, we carry on all necessary checks during sewing process, to make sure that the end products meet your needs.
Please contact our team with your panel requirements, and we will do our best to assist you further.

Sewing Service of the custom made prototype of a speed boat cover.

Here we have one of our sewing ladies in action. She is sewing together a prototype of a lime green cover for a speed boat. The covers are bespoke, made to measure projects, and you can choose many different colours of the materials. Please contact one of our team members with your requirements, and we will 

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If you have any questions regarding your project, please contact our team member and we will do our best to assist you further.

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