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Are you manufacturing car seats just in time, without a material buffer, and highly customized? Are you creating bespoke bike seats or boat upholstery using a marine grade vinyl material? Are you making leather furniture in small series or tailor it to individual customer needs? Does your project require a batch of precisely cut leather pieces? Our state-of-the-art digital cutting machine operated by a skilled team, can help to manage a supply of the required high-quality parts right on time, with no need of stock holding.
Our CNC cutter is a perfect machine for all types of leather and some other materials like Alcantara, leather suede or leatherette/vinyl materials. It’s equipped it with the latest intelligent nesting software, that allow it to optimize material yield and produce maximum quantity of the components with minimum waste in the process. The machine bed is 3.2 metres x 1 metre; hence we can cut both large or smaller pieces of any shape and in any quantities required. It can efficiently cut the pieces even with fine contours and details, punch up to 8 holes per second, and add additional marking like numbers, names of the parts etc. Compared to multi-layer or traditional die-cutting, the quality of the cut edges remains consistently high.


We are also equipped with the capture table with a dedicated software for the digital cutter. That allows us to efficiently produce one-offs and short runs parts. Jobs can be easily saved, including all relevant parameters. This creates repeatability and increases the quality of your products. Any changes required to your parts size or design, can be applied at any stage of the cutting process.
After cutting, the parts are inspected, to make sure that they fully meet your requirements. Then they are packed by our team members in the order specified by you.
Many of our customers also use our on-site embroidery service facility as well as our dedicated sewing service. That way your parts can be delivered directly to your upholstery department. If you are interested in cutting any parts for your project, or would like more information, please get in touch with our team.

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