3D printing service

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3D printing is the most transformative technology for businesses and individuals offering on-demand manufacturing services. It has been invented as a rapid prototyping technology, but today it can do a whole lot more. Here at The Tuning-Shop Ltd, we can offer you a custom 3D printing service, tailored exactly to your needs. We can help you with prototyping process, as well as ready made products.
We are equipped with a range of 3D printers, working in LPD technology, which are suitable for use in various industries ranging from Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturing, Fashion, through Aerospace to Health Care.
They are a perfect solution for: 
  • Prototyping
  • Low volume products
  • End use parts
  • Architecture modelling
  • Medical models
  • Figurines and Game models
  • Automotive research and development


Our team works with a quality and optimum printing performance in mind. After your design is approved and printed, the parts are inspected, to make sure that they fully meet your requirements. Then they are packed by our team members in the order specified by you.
If you are interested in our 3D printing service, simply contact our team, who will send to you details of what we require to get your project started.

Printing terms

Our FDM 3D printers work in LPD technology, which is the most cost-efficient for making simple medium size products in large quantities.

What is FDM?

Fused Deposition Modeling is the most widely used form of 3D printing. FDM works by extruding thermoplastics, such as ABS, PLA, HIPS etc, through a heated nozzle, melting the material and applying the plastic layer by layer to a build platform. Each layer is laid down one at a time until the part is complete.

What is LPD?

Layer Plastic Deposition technology makes the device apply each layer of the melted material with excellent repeatability and dimensional accuracy. The high precision of 3D printing results in perfect quality of models without the necessity to lower the resolution. The print head of our 3D printers are equipped with the 3 points of heating and cooling material to allow the fluid flow of the material on a heated perforated plate and avoid clogging the nozzle.

We use a variety of filaments such as ABS, HIPS, PLA, Nylon and more

ABS is a real expert in durability. Prints made using this filament are characterized by their hardness and high impact resistance. They are also resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. These properties extend the possibilities of ABS application.
The advantages of ABS will certainly be appreciated by designers and engineers. The prints can be used to create concept models for new products or even their final versions. ABS can also be used in production, especially in prototyping more rigid elements.

  • Prototypes: linking elements, elements which require high temperature resistance
  • Tools or their elements: gears, racks, elements which require high durability
  • Gadgets or their parts: phone cases, stands, keychains
  • Toys: bricks, robots or their parts, car elements
  • House equipment: hangers, flower pots, vases

Ready to Work With Us?

If you have any questions regarding your project, please contact our team member and we will do our best to assist you further.

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